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You wake up during a storm, there's no power. But you don't wake up in your bed where you went to sleep. You must go back to bed. 

A short indie horror game.

Please keep in mind that this is not a finished game :) 


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really liked the first part for the most part but, might have went on a little long. Keep up the good work though!
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Back to Bed is a great example of the adage, "never judge a book by its cover." I thought this game was going to be great (or at least worthwhile) simply from the looks of the graphics from the screenshots, but I was sadly mistaken.

The game starts off with you waking up in a closet, confused about how you ended up there since you had gone to bed earlier. The first couple objectives are simple enough: take some of your medication that's on the dining table and explore all eight rooms of your house; however, these don't even make sense. There's no indication later in the game that suggests you just moved in, therefore the assumption is that you've lived there for quite some time, so what sense does it make for you to explore your own house? Even if you've just moved in, it doesn't make sense to explore the house in the middle of the night after mysteriously waking up in a closet. Also, taking your medication (or, as you call it, your "crazy pills") should've already been done before going to bed. Describing them as "crazy pills" suggests they're for treatment of a psychological issue. These medications are usually taken at bedtime, not in the middle of the night. The first objective of the game should've been to go back to bed. 

These are petty critiques, but the game becomes worse because the rest is literally a ritual of waking up in a different part of the house, looking for your bedroom key (because, somehow, your bedroom door gets locked after each sleep-wake cycle), and unlocking your bedroom to go back to sleep. Each sleep-wake cycle/loop is slightly different from the previous one, but it's essentially the same song and dance: wake up, look for your bedroom key, and go back to bed. After about the fifth loop, the game crashed on me, and it was extra frustrating that it didn't save my progress.

The main menu gives you the option to play Scene 2, but I was so frustrated and upset I didn't even bother. So, I didn't finish the game, and quite frankly, it's not worth it because the ending is most likely anti-climactic. I was even contemplating featuring this game on my channel, but nonetheless, it's content. Besides, if I can use this video in hopes of straying other players away from this game, it's worth uploading.

Harsh critiquing is essential for game developers, and I hope I've done that to show the developer what they can improve for future releases. For gamers, needles to say, I recommend you find another game.


Cool game, it's a shame that the comments on itch have become a place for people to force their let's plays at you.


No one is forced to watch anything. There's nothing wrong with linking gameplay videos, that's why Itch.io has a dedicated button in the comment box specifically for linking videos from YouTube.


Liked the game a lot a little fetchy, but the added suspense made up for it! The ending was a little tough I wasn't able to really reach the table for some reason, but nonetheless I enjoyed it.


I tried this game but I must have played the older version of something bugged out as nothing really happened??? The controls were a little clunky and the scene 2 didn't make much sense. Let me know if this was the correct version or whether I missed something?


10minutes of hunting down  keys and pure boredom. No original ideas, no story, no gameplay, what potential are the others talking about???


Very cool horror game!  I liked the idea for this game and the puzzle part near the end of the game too!


Sadly I ran into a crash during the house, but the game looks great and extremely creepy, though the Mind section could use some details to break up the monotony of the textures.


I don't think I got through all of it but I got spooked by shadows and floating cutlery!


Great game I like it....But add some paranormal activities between each part.


i got to "go back to bed" but its impossible to go back to bed :) nothing happens when i get to my bed


You need to find the key every time you go back to sleep


I had a very hard time with this game. It looks amazing and seems like it has lots of potential but I cannot figure it out.

Honestly, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, you say it is unfinished but how unfinshed? to the point I cannot progress at all in the game?


You need to find the key every time you go back to sleep


I will finish this game... i will!!